Circadian Sea: Video

Yesterday I presented my thesis, Circadian Sea, to ITP faculty and students.

Circadian Sea is an interactive display of bioluminescent algae. Cultures of Pyrocystis fusiformis are enclosed in a structure of transparent acrylic spheres, inviting users to manipulate and inspect the algae on a range of scales, from small groups of individually discernable plankton to the illumination of the entire structure. As users move their hands across the face of the construction, the spheres spin in place, agitating the algae and causing it to glow. Visitors may choose to focus on a single sphere of algae or use the length of their arms to spin all of the spheres at once.

Here is the video documentation of Circadian Sea that was included in the presentation:

One Response to Circadian Sea: Video

  1. Edie Widder says:

    Hi Caroline
    I just stumbled upon your website and wanted to tell you how much I love your Circadian Sea concept. I was curator of a traveling museum exhibit called Glow and we struggled for a way to do something similar but weren’t nearly so successful. I’d love to chat with you about it sometime. I can be reached at 772 467 1600.
    Fiat Lux!

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