Make Your World at Maker Faire

Success is when children love your work into obliteration! I just wrapped up a wonderful gig doing interaction design and prototyping for the LAB at Rockwell Group. While I was there we built an awesome booth for Maker Faire, cosponsored by the LAB and Intel Labs. Our goal was to get kids and their families thinking [...]

Hello, Buffalo!

It was too hot in our apartment yesterday to do anything complicated, so I threw together this quick hello to some far away friends. It came together in under an hour, using just iMovie and iMotion HD on the iPad. Working with the pared down capabilities of these tools was really fun and easy. I [...]

Meet the MakerBots

I introduced ITP’s resident MakerBots, the Cupcake CNC and Thing-O-Matic at an ITP Camp session last week. Adi Marom and I have been assembling and getting to know the ‘Bots over the course of the Spring semester. We’re still having some problems with the Thing-O-Matic, but the Cupcake is running smoothly. During the session we [...]

Bestiary at the Exploratorium

We’ll be showing Bestiary during an evening of “Extended Cinemas” at Exploratorium After Dark on May 5th. There will be lots of intriguing work by other folks, too: Miwa Matreyek Tracey Snelling Nate Boyce Paul Clipson The Three-Minute Picture Show  

Circadian Sea: Video

Yesterday I presented my thesis, Circadian Sea, to ITP faculty and students. Circadian Sea is an interactive display of bioluminescent algae. Cultures of Pyrocystis fusiformis are enclosed in a structure of transparent acrylic spheres, inviting users to manipulate and inspect the algae on a range of scales, from small groups of individually discernable plankton to [...]

Thesis: Visual documentation

In order to document my thesis work, I’ve been struggling to shoot photos and video of bioluminescent algae as it glows. The challenge stems from the fact that the algae only glows when it’s agitated, and it can only be seen in the dark. Last night I took a few pictures and shot some video [...]